Although he has been tattooing for the last 12-years, Dan Cameron did not develop a love for creating art until his mid-teens. However, once he started drawing he quickly became obsessed with all the things to do with art and spent his spare time sketching and painting. His passion continued into adulthood, when at construction and warehouse jobs Dan spent his time drawing and painting instead of working. Always interested in tattoos, Dan was offered an apprenticeship in 2004 at the now defunct shop Iron Will Tattoo. He spent the next few years developing a solid footing in the Calgary tattooing community and eventually found a home at Immaculate Concept, where he worked for almost 4-years. After leaving Immaculate Concept, Dan spent 7-years at Deadly Tattoos and continued to develop his name and reputation as a prominent Calgary tattoo artist. In 2016 Dan decided to make the leap and open up his own shop, Ambassador Tattoo.



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