What does “books closed” mean?

It just means that while I’m trying to catch up on ongoing projects, I won’t be taking on new ones! This includes any consultations or appointments. Once I have room free in my schedule again, I’ll be opening my books! That being said, if you’re not sure if your idea is something I would take on, feel free to shoot me an email to ask! A lot of questions can be answered on here though :) 

When will your books be open?

I do not have an exact date of when I will be able to open my books, but it is looking like sometime in the Spring (think closer to May). I will be posting on Instagram and the Ambassador Website as soon as I have an exact date, so please keep an eye out! 


When your books open, how do I book in?

I’ll be posting all of the details of what to do as soon as I have an exact date in mind. I’m always trying to streamline the process to make it easier for you!

I emailed you a week ago, why haven’t I heard back from you?

I promise I’m not ignoring you! I receive a lot of emails everyday, and because I answer all of you personally, it may take some time for a response. Please be patient. I tattoo five days a week, draw for those five days in the mornings and evenings before work, and also need some hours in the day where I’m not working! If it’s something that needs more urgent attention, please call the shop and leave a message after you’ve emailed!


Can I book in with you?

At this time I’m not taking new projects on! My last booking day was in September and I’m still having consultations with everyone who sent a request. Once I get through that list of projects I’ll update everyone on when I’ll be taking new clients by posting on Instagram/Facebook and the Ambassador website.

The only exception to this is small tattoos (think a word or two of script, a small symbol etc) which I can sometimes accommodate at the beginning or end of a day. This does not include anything that requires a consultation. It never hurts to ask so feel free to shoot me an email!

If you’re not sure if your idea is something I would take on, or you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to shoot me an email to ask! Just keep in mind that it will likely be a bit before I can get back to you!

Do you have a waitlist?

Due to how many people I deal with on a regular basis, it’s just impossible for me to keep up with a waitlist. Any openings or cancellations will be posted to Instagram! 


I am all cash only! If you are coming in for your consultation and are looking to book, please be prepared to leave a min $100 deposit to secure your appointment. Anything over 2 hours requires a larger deposit of $200 or more! 

Methods of payment:

I am cash only for everything. The only exception being out of town clients, who may email money transfer or PayPal me a deposit. 


What’s your hourly rate? How much will my tattoo cost?

Unless your tattoo is very small, its difficult to provide an estimate without a consultation. I cannot do this over email! The minimum charge is one hour, which is $180/hr at Ambassador Tattoo. If its a one shot floral piece I will likely quote you a flat rate. When travelling, I flat rate price my pieces for the most part. 


I’m under 18, can you tattoo me with parental consent?

Sorry, but no, not even with your parents consent. We tattoo only 18+ at Ambassador. Same rules apply to me when I am travelling anywhere!


Can I see my drawing before my appointment?

Although I wish I had enough time to prepare all drawings well in advance, the truth is that I just don’t! Drawings are ready for the time of your appointment. I often start one to two new drawings per day, so getting ahead of myself would just be impossible! I do not email out drawings. Small changes can be made day of, but please be aware any large redraws may result in rescheduling your appointment and require a new deposit. 

I need a touchup on my tattoo! How do I book this?

Please contact me within 6-12 weeks after your tattoo appointment if you need a touchup. It doesn’t matter if my books are closed, we will arrange a time that is suitable to you! 

Free touchups apply to anything that didn’t heal properly (or healed a bit light) during the healing process and will be honoured up to six months.

 If you do not follow aftercare, fade your tattoo by not wearing sunscreen, or it is simply just aging from natural processes, there will be a charge for your touchup. 


Do you do coverups?

When possible, yes. Please keep in mind that coverups usually need to be darker, larger, and have lots of texture and detail to distract the eye from what is underneath. My dot work style shading almost never works for coverups unless its quite small. Feel free to email me a photo of your existing tattoo with a brief description of what you’d like to cover it with. From there I can let you know if its even possible, or if I would recommend a session or two of laser removal to lighten it. I’ve got referral cards at the shop that will give you a discount on laser removal at SkinPossible here in Calgary, and would be happy to set one aside for you!